SPACIOUS GARDEN Relax and regenerate in our garden ...
THE LOCATION Close to Plan de Corones, a good starting point for your holiday in Val Pusteria.
HOST FAMILY The Oberparleiter Family is looking forward to your stay in Villa Santa Caterina.


Bachlechnerhof Farm in Aufhofen / Villa Santa Caterina has been family-owned for the past four generations and was originally used as farm building belonging to Mohrenfeld Manor, today’s clergy house.

In the immediate vicinity of the farm you will find “Ansiedl Castle”. This – also called “Aufhofen Castle” – was once an episcopal court and probably the seat of the bishop of this place. In the 12th century the first officials were mentioned, in the 13th century “Konrad of Aufhofen”, which bore the present coat of arms of the village. The castle then passed to the lords of Rost, who led the predicate “von Aufhofen und Kehlburg”, then to the lifting contest and finally to peasant families. In 1912, Mrs. Karoline Countess Sternberg, who has renewed it, and whose family ownership it is to this day, acquired it.

In 1890 the farm was purchased by the carpenter Chrisant Oberparleiter from Tesselberg / Montassilone. Chrisant’s son Hans and later also his grandson Johann ran the farm before it was passed on to today’s owner Martin. The main produces, potatoes and beetroot, are merchandised via the local agricultural cooperative.

In 1992 the family decided to build holiday apartments and therefore renovated the previously unused and vacant annex building.

After a five year building period the house was finally finished, mainly thanks to Martin and his father Johann who had done the better part of the construction work.

In 1997 the first guests were welcomed by Johann and his wife Martha who ran the farm until 2015. Today Martin and his wife Petra manage the farm, helped by Martin’s parents.